Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation of Innovative Researchers at Hiroshima University

Outline of the HU SPRING


To promote the development of doctoral students who can contribute to the sustainable development of the international community.
 For this purpose, the “HU SPRING” was established as a place where students can discuss the development of society beyond their own area of specialization, and subsequently, foster comprehensive knowledge and autonomy to create emergent innovations in science and technology.

Why is comprehensive knowledge necessary?

To realize the future that we want, students need to gather diverse knowledge by going beyond organizational boundaries, regardless of their respective areas of specialization, thereby solving any challenges.

Diagram of why comprehensive knowledge is needed

Program Management Vision

Support Structure

Under the Program Management (PM) Director, teams in charge of different tasks are assigned, along with a faculty member supporting the program management from each graduate school, to assist the members of the Society with their various activities and career paths.

Diagram of support system

HU SPRING Professional Development Activities, FY2023

Diagram of HU SPRING Professional Development Activities for 2023