Apply Now: 2024 Micron Global Women Mentorship Program for Female STEM Students (undergraduates/masters/PhD students enrolled as of May 2024)



【What is the Global Mentorship Program?】
2024 Micron Global Women Mentorship Program is a 7-week life-changing journey of weekly small group mentorship sessions with expert leaders from Micron.

At Micron, we are committed to lifting up our Female STEM (*) students and giving them the tools, they need to succeed. As a part of our commitment to gender diversity and inclusion, Micron is launching its Global Mentorship Program focused on giving female students all over the world an opportunity to learn about professional world, acquire new skills, find your voice, and launch a successful career. 300 female students from different countries will be selected for this unique opportunity.
* STEM: Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics


【Who can apply for the program?】
The program is open to all female students from pre-universities or are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in the STEM or related field


【What can you expect from the program?】
The program will run in April- May 2024 without any cost charge
Participants will be selected by the Micron team based on applicants’ background and introduction
All participants will be broken in teams of 2-3 students and will be assigned a Micron Mentor, each team will have weekly 1-hour long Zoom calls with Micron Mentors
There will be couple virtual on-line events with fruitful insights sharing included global opening & closing
Topics discussed during each session will vary depending on the participants’ feedback but are likely to include career development, secrets to professional success, experience sharing on handling difficulties ……etc.


As part of the program, we expect our participants to commit to join the weekly virtual sessions that we have arranged to allow you to have the most meaningful experience


【Application Due Date】
22 March 2024


【Application Form】


【University Contact Info】
Global Career Design Center, Hiroshima University (Tanaka)