Call for application for the HU SPRING Research Grant Program

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Hiroshima University will provide research grants for Next-Generation Fellows to form independent research teams and conduct interdisciplinary research. Next-Generation Fellows are those students who have been selected for the Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation of Innovative Researchers at Hiroshima University. The grant program goal is to stimulate novel cross-disciplinary research and support Next-Generation Fellows to grow as independent researchers.

Program outline

a. Requirements

  • Teams must be formed with at least 2 doctoral students from different research fields (students belonging to different laboratories are acceptable).
  • Approval must be obtained from all team members’ supervisors.
  • Proposals that address social issues related to the SDGs/peace and teams with a high degree of diversity in terms of year, gender, nationality, etc. are especially encouraged.
  • As Hiroshima University made the “Carbon Neutral x Smart Campus 5.0 Declaration” in January 2021 and is actively working toward carbon neutrality by 2030, proposals that address carbon neutrality are especially encouraged.

b. Number of projects supported  About 10 projects per year will be selected.
c. Budget of projects supported    About 1 million yen per project
d. Research period of projects supported  November 2023 – March 2025
* The project must be completed within the above time frame, and the application representative must be employed as a Next-Generation Fellow for the duration of the proposed project.


(1)The application representative must be a Next-Generation Fellow. Team members other than the application representative (PI) do not have to be Next-Generation Fellows, however only Next-Generation Fellows are authorized to execute the budget.
(2)A Next-Generation Fellow may not submit multiple applications.
(3)There are no restrictions on the application representative (PI) becoming a co-investigator on other applications.

Application procedures

Submit the application form (specified Form #1, WORD) by e-mail to the address given in “Contact”. The title of the e-mail should be “Application for HU SPRING Research Grant “.

Application deadline

September 8 (Fri.), 2023, 12:00 p.m. (noon, Japan Standard Time)

Selection process and results

Selection will be made based on the submitted application forms. Interviews will be conducted as necessary. All application representatives (PIs) will be notified of the selection results by e-mail in October 2023. Please note that we cannot respond to individual inquiries in regard to the selection results.


The successful application representatives (PIs) have to submit a final report (specified Form #2, WORD) within one month after the project completion. In addition, interviews and final presentation on the results of the project may be requested.


Secretariat of the HU SPRING Research Grant Program
e-mail: gakujutu-project■
*Please replace * with @.