HU SPRING Research Study Abroad Program Application Guidelines for the 3rd Application in FY2022

>> Application Guidelines


Hiroshima University supports students who have been selected for the Program for Developing and Supporting the Next-Generation of Innovative Researchers at Hiroshima University (hereinafter referred to as “Next-Generation Fellows”) to conduct research in collaboration with outstanding researchers outside the university at top-level research institutions in Japan and abroad for a certain period of time, with the goal of nurturing excellent doctoral candidates with rich experience, who are expected to be active internationally in the future.

Eligible Persons

Next-Generation Fellows.
While all research fields are eligible, we encourage study abroad programs related to carbon neutrality, as HU has been actively working toward carbon neutrality, including its “Carbon Neutral x Smart Campus 5.0 Declaration” issued in January 2021, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Application Schedule and Number of Positions

Application Period : February 7 – February 28
Notification of Results : Within March
Eligible Persons : Those whose dispatch start date is in FY2023.
Number of Positions : Maximum of about 15 people (tentative) combined with applications for the following year.


The applicant must meet all of the following requirements. It is also necessary that the applicant can fulfill all of the following requirements at the time of selection.

  1. The applicant must be a Next-Generation Fellow. Please note that if the applicant’s Next-Generation Fellowship is cancelled for whatever reason, the support offered from this program will also be cancelled.
  2. The start date of study abroad must be in FY2023 (It is acceptable for the dispatch period to continue into the next year).
  3. If you are going to study abroad in the future, you must have had sufficient discussions with your academic advisor and the host institution (Letter of Intent to Accept Prospective Fellow by Host Researcher must be submitted).
  4. The student must not be receiving financial support for study abroad from other programs (however, it is possible to apply for support providing that the student is not receiving support for the same expenses from other programs. For example, if you are receiving support only for transportation expenses under another program, it is possible to receive support for only accommodation and study abroad insurance under this program.)

Host Institution

Support for study abroad at world-class research institutions (including private research institutes) is available.
While overseas research institutions are especially encouraged, it is also possible to apply to top-level research institutions in Japan (e.g., RIKEN, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), etc.).

Supported Expenses

  1. Transportation expenses: round-trip airfare, bullet train, etc.
    Transportation expenses will be paid in accordance with the rules of Hiroshima University. Please be sure to keep your air ticket stubs, receipts, and other vouchers.
  2. Accommodation expenses
    [In Japan] Up to 100,000 yen per month (maximum of 300,000 yen)
    [Overseas] Up to 200,000 yen per month (maximum of 600,000 yen)
    The amount of accommodation expenses incurred will be covered up to the maximum amount.
  3. Study abroad insurance
    Please be sure to purchase appropriate study abroad insurance. However, if the insurance is considered to be excessively expensive, the full amount may not be covered.
  4. Passport issuance fee, visa fee and PCR test fee
    If these fees are required for the study abroad, the actual costs incurred will be covered. Please be sure to keep receipts and other vouchers.

Application Procedures

Submit the application form (specified form – Word document) and the Letter of Intent to Accept Prospective Fellow by Host Researcher (specified form – Word document) (not required if the student has already started his/her study abroad at the time of application) by e-mail to the address given in “Contact Information”.
The subject of the e-mail should be “Application for HU SPRING Research Study Abroad Program”.
>> Application form
>> Letter of Intent to Accept Prospective Fellow by Host Researcher

Application Deadline

Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 12:00 p.m. (noon, Japan Standard Time)

Selection Method and Results

Selection will be made based on the submitted application documents.
All applicants will be notified of the selection results by e-mail in March 2023.
Please note that we cannot respond to individual inquiries in regard to the selection results.


We are considering requesting the successful candidates to submit a report after their study abroad in order to confirm the results of their research study. In addition, there is a possibility that interviews and debriefing sessions on the results of the study abroad may be conducted, and we would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Contact Information

Secretariat of the HU SPRING Research Study Abroad Program
e-mail: gakujutu-project■
*Please replace * with @.