9 Jan (TUE), Information Session for PhD Students: Cooperative Education through Research Internships (MEXT Paid Internship)

The ‘Cooperative Education through Research Internships (MEXT Paid Internship)’ is a long-term, paid, job-based internship programme undertaken in cooperation with industry and universities in Japan.

<What’s the Cooperative Education through Research Internships?>


The Common Information Sessions (Japanese/English) will be held online. These information sessions will be held on a monthly basis this year.

Those who are actually considering participating in the programme or who would like to review the programme again are encouraged to attend.

For more information on how to register for the Common Information Sessions, please refer to the following description (Outline of the event).


Outline of the event
Date: Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Program (English):
First half (11:00-11:20): Overview of the system, past results
Second half (11:25-12:00): How to participate, explanation of the exclusive system

Program (Japanese):
First half (13:00-13:35): Overview of the system, how to participate and explanation of the exclusive system
Second half (13:40-14:00): Internship introducton presentation by several companies, Q&A session

*If there are no companies interested in giving a presentation, the second half will consist of a Q&A session only.

Format: Online (Zoom Webinar)

Participation target: Doctoral students

How to participate: Please refer below.


How to participate (Pre-registration for the dedicated system and webinar)
If you want to participate, please register to watch the webinar below.
The URL for participation will be sent as soon as you enter the required information.

English session: Zoom viewing registration

Webinar ID: 870 3627 1327
Passcode: 993127

Japanese session: Zoom viewing registration

Webinar ID: 885 6926 1671
Passcode: 019403


*Those who have registered will automatically receive a reminder email the day before the event and one hour prior to the event.
*As an automatic registration, you can participate in the event even if you register just before (or during) the event.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact:
Global Career Design Center
グローバルキャリアデザインセンター/Global Career Design Center

What’s the Cooperative Education through Research Internships?

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