Briefing session for those selected for a Fellowship



[日時] 2023年7月13日(木) 15:30~17:00


[使用言語] 日本語および英語(同時通訳)


②HU SPRINGの令和5年度の活動方針


Briefing session for those selected for a Fellowship


We will hold a briefing session for those who have been selected for a Fellowship.
In principle, all Fellows must attend this briefing session.
In saying that, if you are not able to participate, please watch the recording that will be sent to everyone later on.
Also note that there is no need to notify us in advance if you cannot participate in the session.


[Date and time] July 13, 2023 (Thu.) 15:30~17:00

[Location] Online via Zoom Webinar

[Language] Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation)

[Access Link] The access link has already been informed on “My Momiji” to eligible students. If you have not received yet, please let us know through below email-address.

①Procedures related to stipends and research funds, HIRAKU-PF overview
②HU SPRING Activity Policy for FY2023